The Art of Customer Journey Mapping

Gone are the days when companies blindly market to large swaths of customers hoping to make a connection with them. As of this year, Americans are exposed to more than 9 hours of media every day,* which has made them very adept at filtering for what interests them and what doesn’t. So how do you break through the clutter?

Simply put, you need to engage the right customers with the right message at the right time. To do this, you need to understand how they engage with your brand from the first points of contact to long after they make purchases. We call this Customer Journey Mapping.

Customer Journey Mapping allows you to move away from just selling products and services to building customer relationships for life. We do this by offering them a consistently relevant and engaging experience every time they come in contact with your brand, which will ultimately coax them down what we call “the buying funnel.”

This might seem complicated, but the tactics are clearly defined. To help you dip your toes in the art of creating long-term customer engagement, we’ve put together a Customer Journey Mapping primer. It’s Part 1 of an on ongoing conversation we will share online. The simple slide deck will help you start thinking about who your customers are, where they are accessing information about your brand and how you can understand what kind of brand engagement is best for them.