Lombard Conrad Architects


Client: Lombard Conrad Architects

After conducting business for almost a half century, one could say Lombard Conrad Architects is a successful company. With a new generation of leadership in place, as well as a vision focused on growth, the firm realized that it was at a brand crossroads: how can a brand effectively reflect innovation while staying true to its long-standing history? Lombard Conrad Architects hired Stoltz to help.

Some time in its 47-year history, Lombard Conrad Architects changed its name to “LCA,” which blended in with the alphabet soup of 3-letter names common to the architecture industry. Brand confusion ensued. In 2018, Stoltz partnered with LCA to develop a modernized brand, complete with a sleek logo, bold colors, refined typography, fresh photography…and a not-so-new name. Parallel to the rebrand, Stoltz redesigned the Lombard Conrad Architects website to help showcase their breadth of experience and highlight positive company culture. 

The results? A successful brand revitalization that was embraced and celebrated by the client (and one amazing launch party!)

Services: Brand Development & Design, Research, Photography, Collateral Design, Website Design & Development