personalized content

Why Personalized Content Matters

If you take the time to get to know someone on a date, odds are much better that you’ll get a second date. Brands should take the time to woo consumers the same way but through marketing.

Brands put out content on a daily basis. It’s a proven way to get customers to engage. But in a world where everyone is coming up with content, how does your brand stand out from the crowd? Two words: personalized content.

A lot of brands are finding out nowadays that it’s not enough to give consumers something to read. You have to make them feel something. Personalized content can do just that. A Benchmark Study Report shows that 80% of marketers say that personalized content works better than “impersonalized” content. Consumers like it when brands can get on their level and relate to them. 

The study showed that personalization leads to a greater desire by brands to know how the content is working. Just like when you try to connect with someone, like on a date, you want to know if all that hard work was worth it, right? 

Weird Box is a great example of smart, personalized content. Writer, director, and programmer Noah Levenson created this interactive movie about a woman who finds a box of weird photos that represent her boyfriend’s obsession. The kicker? The photos are of you — or ones that you took. Before the start of the movie, you enter in your Instagram handle, or any handle you want, and the movie is automatically curated to you.

Even though Noah isn’t selling a product, he made a bunch of people feel like they were part of something.

In an interview with Short of The Week, Noah explains that he was trying to “demonstrate why the web browser is the movie theatre of the future.” By including user generated content, people were able to get behind this funny idea, and Noah has a seemingly unlimited amount of content.

Consumers love personalized content. As Onespot explains, 86% of consumers reported that if a brand does a good job of providing personally relevant content, it makes them more interested in that brand’s products and services. Also, 78% report that if a brand does a good job of providing personally relevant content, it somewhat or significantly increases their intent to purchase that brand’s products or services. Which begs the question, why isn’t everyone doing this already?

According to the numbers, personalized content works. If your brand is looking for a way to stand out amongst all the content, look no further than your consumers.

So where do you start as a brand? Try looking at your core customer: the one that you picked out when you were developing your business and marketing. Ask that customer (theoretically) what your brand can do to align with their personal interests. Then, take those answers and find a clever way to create something personalized, just for them. It’s not easy, but when it happens, your consumers will thank you.

They will love the fact that your brand took the time to get to know them, just as if you were on a date. So go ahead, date your consumers. Your brand will be better off for it.