Paige Johndrow, Account Coordinator

If Paige embodies anything its authenticity. She’s herself no matter what, always bucking the status quo and avoiding clichés (which means that TikTok dances, Air Force Ones and the Jonas Brothers just aren’t her thing). This woman is setting the trends. And her authenticity is most evident in the way she always bears her positively ginormous heart on her sleeve.

She comes to Stoltz by way of…well, all over. Born in the South, she spent most of her childhood in Fairbanks, Alaska, attended high school in Seattle, then made her way to Boise State University. After graduating with a degree in communications and public relations, her alma mater convinced her to stick around and put her über-organized, dynamic personality, to good use as the Assistant Director of Special Events and Protocol. Luckily for us, she was referred by a friend when she expressed her desire to find a career connecting to people through inspiring work.

She had us at “hello.”

When Paige isn’t keeping the ship upright or blazing her own trail, she can be found traveling, catching a Seattle Seahawks game with her hubby and 2 dogs (in a VERY tidy, bug-free home), or enjoying a little retail therapy.

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