Marcus Haslam

Marcus Haslam

Art Director

When Marcus walks in the room, everything gets a bit funkier. From his signature glasses to a ‘stache fit to be cast alongside Burt Reynolds in a buddy-cop movie, Marcus keeps the office fresh.

When he’s not at work, Marcus is shredding on stage with his band, The Love Bunch. Marcus is also the type of guy who sees a bus and says, “yeah, I could drive that.” And he does. Seriously, he made a living manning the wheel of a bus, including parallel parking.

Marcus has an eye for loud and powerful design. He comes to us from the gem of the Cache Valley, Utah State University, and he previously worked at Kastner & Partners before finding his way to our shop. What we’ve learned about Marcus: his work will always grab your attention and stick in your mind.

Senior Account Manager
Associate Creative Director
Account Coordinator
Content Strategist
CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Creative Director
Director of Brand Strategy
Art Director
Art Director
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