Kyle Fountain, Copywriter

Kyle has always searched for the human truth in everything. From movies, to foods, and even toasters, the people behind them always have stories that led to their creation. That humanity is where Kyle finds inspiration for both his work and his life.

This search compelled him to wander coast-to-coast studying everything from archeology to music. He even entertained becoming a mechanic. These dreams were fun but fizzled when Kyle realized 1) no real-life archeologist is like Indiana Jones, 2) he is slightly tone-deaf, and 3) he isn’t that great with his hands.

Unless he’s putting pen to paper.

Finally realizing his strength in storytelling, Kyle finished up at SUNY Potsdam and with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a minor in Journalism. After working a variety of odd jobs and following a New Year’s revelation that he could, and should, be a writer, Kyle went back into the academic fold at The Creative Circus portfolio school in Atlanta, Georgia, to further hone his craft. He now joins Stoltz as a Copywriter, raring to word up and tell our clients’ stories.

When Kyle isn’t writing for work, he’s probably still writing for pleasure. Or reading an issue of Daredevil, re-watching his favorite Christmas movie, “Die Hard”, or confidently sitting behind the wheel of an engaging little car looking for curvy roads and greasy pizza.

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