Kate Holgate

Kate Holgate

Creative Director

Although the sparkle in her eyes and an over-filtered photo tells the story of youth, don’t let this fool you. As a seasoned creative director with almost 20 years of industry experience, Kate leads our team by focusing on two aspects: executing creative visions and staying true to results-driven strategy.

Kate was born in Birmingham, Alabama, the second of three children in an Air Force family that moved frequently. In 1990, her family settled in Boise where Kate began an intense intellectual journey that would carry her to the heights of the Kappa Kappa Gamma social order at U of I. Upon graduation, Kate returned to Boise and launched her career as a graphic designer. In 2004, Kate wed Blake Holgate, a fellow graphic designer, against the advice of both Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha. However, the match proved fruitful and has resulted in two beautiful children and an overly zealous dog.

Through tireless dedication, sweat-equity and incredible mentorship, Kate moved her way up in the ranks at Stoltz Marketing Group. Now she is involved in every project from start to finish, as she has the strengths needed to conceptualize, write, design, and bring ideas to life. She continually comes up with innovative and award-winning campaigns for our clients. She is passionate about volunteering and has consulted for a variety of organizations, including the Children’s Home Society of Idaho, Discovery Center of Idaho, Expedition Inspiration, the Boise Public Library, the University of Idaho, and more. She is not great at saying “no,” and has zero plans to work on this personality flaw.

In her free time(?), she enjoys coaching, mountain biking, snowboarding, camping with her family, reading, teaching art and throwing dinner parties. She thanks you for spending time on this page because she hopes to hold her long-standing record for “most visited bio” on the Stoltz website according to Google Analytics.

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