Jake Smith, Content Strategist

Jake is one of the few in the industry who are evolving it. Agriculture, higher education, firearms accessories. Content strategy, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, creative writing. Journalism and photography and videography and public relations. Textile design, clothing manufacturing––he’s managed to merge his personal interests into powerful solutions for brand challenges.

Jake’s motivated by his pursuit of failure. To him, it means he tried something new and risky, and likely learned something in the process. Jake’s by no means dangerous but he avidly avoids safe.

In fact, many of his interests above were at one-point areas of study while getting his undergrad at the University of Idaho. He ultimately graduated with dual majors; Public Relations and Clothing, Textiles and Design.

Other important things to note: Jake loves at first sight all dogs, ever. He wonders why people like IPAs. His only criminal record entry is a noise complaint as his Dungeons and Dragons campaign got a little too rowdy one evening.

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