boise valley economic partnership 2019 economic summit

Musings from the BVEP 2019 Economic Summit

We recently attended Boise Valley Economic Partnership’s 2019 Economic Summit and left even more motivated to be active participants in our valley’s responsible growth, both through our own agency culture and working with our local and statewide clients.

We have been fortunate to team up with a variety of amazing companies thriving here over the past two decades. As Idaho continues to grow at a rapid rate, we pride ourselves in aligning with businesses that sincerely stake a claim in the betterment of the state, its quality of life, and economic vitality. This was especially evident at the summit as we looked around to see many of our clients in attendance—clients from higher education, affordable housing, healthcare, public transportation, building, and technology industries—all of which have great impact on the 700,000+ people that now reside in our valley.

Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP) works to attract new and growing companies to our area, creating jobs and broadening industry base to ensure prosperity to our region. Clark Krause, Executive Director of BVEP, said that potential investors often focus their conversations on what the talent pool in Idaho looks like for years to come. There is an immense need to retain graduates in order to supply a quality workforce, which is why we couldn’t be more passionate about supporting the Boise School District, The University of Idaho, and The College of Idaho.

This year’s economic summit also featured Theresa Foxley, CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah. She described how they have addressed similar growth challenges in the Utah metro areas. Foxley touched on the potential of developing rural communities, the importance of the education system, and how homelessness is often a result of a growing economy because of the disparity of wealth and rising home prices. With the valley’s population estimated to hit one million by 2030, we must continue to train and develop our workforce to attract companies to Idaho, as well as tackle tough issues such as providing affordable housing resources and easing traffic congestion.

The last prominent theme at this year’s summit was how we should all recognize the many benefits of smart growth in our valley. “Keep Boise nice” is a value we at Stoltz Marketing Group strive to achieve by welcoming new friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and we urge our fellow residents to do the same.

As Boise continues to flourish, it’s important that local businesses, small and large, evolve and work together to maintain the sustainability of what makes this an incredible place to work, live, and play. Stoltz is fully committed to this vision, and we look forward to many more rewarding partnerships in the coming years.