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From Our Viewpoint – 3 Marketing Articles You Should Read – 8.25.17 Edition

Happy Friday, Marketers! Welcome to our digest of marketing articles you simply can’t miss, the August 25, 2017, edition.

As you well know, there are far more articles about marketing, advertising, branding and the like for us to read them all. We want to make the process of finding the articles that matter to you and your business easier. So, we are going to share three of our recent favorites, our take on the news and why it matters to our clients — which is what you will find below. 

Social Media Article of the week from Marketing Profs:

The Power of Micro-Influencers: How to Find the Right Social Media Influencers for Your Campaigns

It wasn’t long ago that I managed PR for the international shoe brand, Birkenstock. For the most part, our PR strategy focused on fashion product placement, and it worked well. Not a month went by that our classic two-strap “Arizona” sandal wasn’t featured in Vogue, Cosmo or GQ. But, what REALLY turned up the volume was when we started seeding celebrities. Without hesitation, I can tell you that when a celebrity like Julie Roberts or Leonardo DiCaprio wears your product, is photographed by the paparazzi, and then ends up in People Magazine (wearing your shoes), people buy more shoes. But, that was 15 years ago. There was no social media to speak of, and we worked with the media we had.

The same model still works, but social media, as Ismael El-Qudsi points out in his recent article for MarketingProfs, has offered up a new group that can help brands in the same way. They’re called micro influencers, and while they are not as famous as Julia or Leo, they have influence in their world, a world that matters to brands.

To use Ismael’s example, a fitness instructor that has students who admire her can easily share their favorite products on social media and spread the word with their circle of influence.  And best of all, there are tens of thousands of fitness instructors.

In his article, Ismail expands on the power of the micro influencer, why they work so well and offers a few examples of how to find them –it’s well worth the read.

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Content Marketing article of the week, from Digiday:

Storytelling vs. ‘storytelling’

After a meeting this week I was reminded that as marketers we tend to throw around buzzwords. Sure, we are no different from any industry, but more and more I am noticing that every meeting I am in there are at least 17 buzzwords used every half hour, and roughly 46% of them are acronyms. The funniest part is that we often throw these words around and think of them as something new in the marketing world when, as Mark Duffy points out in his article for DigiDay, they often aren’t.

In this case, Duffy makes an interesting point about “storytelling.” In truth, marketers and advertisers have been “storytelling” since the beginning of the profession, but over the past couple years, we’ve started using the word “storytelling” as though it’s new. It’s not, and we use it a lot.

I contend that while storytelling is not new, the mediums and technologies we use are new, which is what gave the storytelling buzzword a refresh (I feel another blog post coming together on that). But for now, fun read from Digiday and Mr. Duffy.

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Public Relations Article of the week from Stoltz Marketing Group:

The Eclipse and Bonnie Tyler Prove the PR Stunt is Alive and Well

This week many of us paused for a few minutes to observe the eclipse. It was an incredible experience here in our Boise office, but the San Francisco office reported a thick layer fog, with one little section brighter than the rest (the sun) and then, for a minute, it got a tad darker. SF – zero. Boise – one. But you know who really won? The Royal Caribbean Cruise line. 

They hosted a “Total Eclipse” cruise featuring a concert with Bonnie Tyler singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Not only did it sell tickets, but it also earned them a ton of press coverage and provided proof that the PR stunt is alive and well.

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