World of Warcraft, vacuuming, and wine – celebrating Embrace Your Geekness Day!

At Stoltz, we’re a close-knit group of geeks…and proud of it! We’re always giddy about the creative industry we work in, nerding out daily about design, light filters, headlines, pixels, storyboards, SEO, packaging, all things digital…list goes on. It’s no surprise that our geekness extends into our personal lives. Here’s some of the ways our team geeks out in their free time.

Music. I know everything about artists, songs, lyrics, and music-related triva. Hahaha jk. I’m horrible at that. I do, however, know a lot about movies and TV shows. Everything from quotes, fun facts, actors, story-telling techniques, characters. Often leads to spoiling endings for others. Also, I love Louis L’Amour books. Basically read all of them in a span of 4 years during middle school and high school.

I geek out on baking even though I’ve been doing it less lately. I have way more baking supplies than any one person should probably have. I read cookbooks for fun. I love exploring flavor combinations, textures, and frosting techniques. If you’re looking for someone who can truly appreciate how much time you spent making a cake, I’m your gal.

My biggest one is probably food. Making it. Eating it. What it goes with. What it definitely shouldn’t go with. You get the picture. I’ve also been known to geek out about baseball and WWII history.

Horror movies, although I’m not an encyclopedia on it.

I love classical music, and decade-specific music – 40s french, 60s, 80s (the really emotional kind). Let me continue…indie-pop music, Lady Gaga, musicals, Barbra. George Michael. I especially love listening to this music when it’s on vinyl, the whole process. Taking the record out of its sleeve, alphabetizing, listening to the entire album front and back, trying to get friends to get into it as much as me. I feel like that won’t be as much of a hassle anymore, as I’ve probably lost a few friends through this blog.

I love my dogs.

I geek out over whatever my current creative outlet is. Right now it’s high-end cosmetic formulation. In the past, it has been furniture making, cake decorating, jewelry making, etc.

I am a little obsessive about vacuuming. And historical fiction. Which is why audio books have changed my world – I can now do both at once.

World of Warcraft lore. Photo/video gear (everything from vintage photography to high scale cinema). From Software game.