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From Our Viewpoint – 3 Marketing Articles You Should Read – 11.3.17 Edition

Happy Friday, Marketers! Welcome to our digest of marketing articles you can’t miss, the November 3, 2017, edition.

As you well know, there are far more articles about marketing, advertising and branding than we can consume. SMG wants to make the process of finding the articles that matter to you and your business easier. So, we are sharing three of our recent favorites, our take on the news, and why it matters to our clients — which is what you will find below. 

Marketing Article of the week from AdWeek:

4 Realities Marketers Need to Fully Grasp in Order to Survive

Yesterday someone asked me why I was looking so hard for a set of data. It seemed so obvious to me; I needed the data to make an informed opinion. Later in the day, as I read this article, I felt redeemed; data is king.  In this article, Eric Stahl makes four important points about marketing and uses data and its power to prove his points

“For marketers, delivering exceptional experiences depend on knowing everything about their consumers, engaging them across their entire journey and personalizing content with artificial intelligence.” – Eric Stahl

All of those things depend on four things:

  • Cloud Technology: Many of us think of the cloud as a place to store files of archive Word docs and old photos, but for business, the cloud is what makes today’s data possible. To Stahl’s point, “With the advent of cloud-based technologies, companies now have access to infinite computing resources, and no longer have to deal with the complexities of managing infrastructure.” The cloud is what powers data-driven marketing and informed decisions.
  • Mobile: There is no big mystery here: we all love mobile, and the stats say it all: “there are now billion mobile devicesin the world—more than there are people. The average American now spends five hours a day using mobile devices, and 54 percent of email users access their inboxes on a mobile device.” If marketers aren’t thinking about mobile first, they are making a grave mistake.
  • Social Media: About 15 years ago social media barely existed, but today “46 billion people use a social network at least once per month.” There’s no denying that social media is important, the key is remembering that it can deliver ROI – as Stahl reminds us, “77 percent of marketers say their companies use social media marketing to drive business ROI.”
  • AI: While many brands, and marketers, are trying to figure out the best uses for AI, one thing is clear, it has the power to create a highly personalized experience. “That’s why 57 percent of marketers using AI say it’s essential in helping their company create personalized marketing experiences across every consumer touch point.”


Content Marketing article of the week, from the Huffington Post:

How to Turn Your Brand into a Content Marketing Machine like Red Bull – Without Spending Millions

Content marketing is everywhere, and brands big and small are embracing it like never before. I don’t know about you, but I tend to consume at least 2-3 pieces of corporate content marketing before I finish my coffee every morning, whether I like it or not.

The abundance of content is not the problem for brands that have not started; the problem is knowing where to start. To writer Kristy Sharman’s point, we cannot all be content giants like Redbull with massive budgets and an army of content creators.  The good news is we don’t need to be. Her advice is sound: focus on these three things and you’ll build a content machine.

  • Be Brave: There’s no time like the present with content marketing – take a leap!
  • Take advantage of video: Gone are the days where every video needs to cost a fortune. Video works and there’s a path available no matter your budget.
  • Leverage the gig economy: We don’t all have time to write or create great content, good thing our gig economy has an army of people that would love to help you get started!


(Another) Content Marketing article of the week from Stoltz Marketing Group:

Great Content Checklist 

Two content marketing articles in one update? Yep, two of them. Why?

Because if the above article helped convince you that content marketing is important and that you can do it (which, you can!), this one guides you towards understanding how to create great content with a handy checklist.