Celebrate your Company’s Accomplishments

Agency life is exciting and fast-paced. We move from one project to the next very quickly; sometimes we have ten deadlines in a week. It’s what I like most about this job: finding a creative solution then rapidly shifting gears to tackle the next marketing challenge.

Even though agency life is fast-paced, it’s essential to stop and celebrate the accomplishments we’ve made as a team. This idea goes for any company, not just marketing agencies. According to this article by Forbes, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs places the “need to be appreciated” and the “need to belong” pretty high up on the list. These are two of the most valuable psychological needs humans have.

In a survey of about 832 HR professionals that took part in an employee recognition program, they found:

  • 90% say it positively impacted engagement
  • 86% say it increased employee happiness
  • 84% say it improved employee relationships

Let me introduce to you what we do at Stoltz Marketing Group to celebrate our accomplishments: we call it the Toast and Boast. Once a month, we make some tasty beverages, spend a couple of hours together and share recent work. And let me tell you: it is fantastic. I love showing my coworkers the projects that I had been working on, and I equally enjoy seeing their creative work. It is so awesome that I want to share why every company should have their version of the Toast and Boast.

Three reasons to celebrate your company’s accomplishments

  1. Team-building

Celebrating successful projects is a great way to bond as a team. As stated earlier, the need to belong is strong among human beings. When people feel like they belong, they start working toward a common goal. It also creates supportive relationships between coworkers; your company will have a more unified structure. It’s vital to have coworkers that feel a part of a team because teamwork makes the dream work.

  1. Motivation

Celebration means motivation (excuse me while I trademark that). By praising employee accomplishments, the more willing that person will be to put forth their best efforts. It’s easy for achievements to get lost in the shuffle. But if you take the time to celebrate a person or team, I can guarantee that they will be more motivated. After each Boast and Toast, I feel invigorated and ready to face the next project with my team.

  1. Morale

If you find there is a positive energy in your company after your celebrations, you’re not crazy. When people feel accomplished, they feel happier. It goes back to one of the two most important needs that people think: the need to be appreciated. I like working in a place that makes me feel good about working hard. And that is what celebrating accomplishments does.

In conclusion, you can enhance company culture and team morale by celebrating accomplishments. It’s time to put some TLC back into your company (I’ll trademark that too).