Boise Welcomes March Madness Teams- And So Did We

It’s been a decade since Boise hosted March Madness, and needless to say, the town was excited. Tickets sold out, parking garages were reserved, and droves of people from neighboring states hustled to Idaho’s capital to watch the first round. 

According to The Idaho Statesman, we gave them a good Boise welcoming. Fans packed the Taco Bell Arena with 12,000 basketball enthusiasts filling the seats at every game. And the teams were greeted with open arms.

With all of the hustle and bustle and the attention on Boise, Stoltz decided to create a video welcoming all six teams to our beloved city.

This video had a tight turnaround…as in 24 hours. Our team was up to the challenge. After nailing down the concept, we divided, and conquered-we tracked down mascots, scouted locations, and planned out a strategy for sharing a video on social media.

Did I mention animals? Some of the mascots were easier than others – have you ever worked with a cat in a basketball jersey? In a brief time, we secured a regal bulldog named Sir Farnsworth Bentley, three cats, and a bunny from the Idaho Humane Society that passed for a jackrabbit. 

These furry characters, along with a very talented coworker, stole the show. Our welcome video was boosted on Facebook and Instagram, resulting in 12,000 views, 24,000 people reached, and 100 reactions. With collaboration, a good idea, and an Amazon Prime account, anything is possible.