Authentic Brand Messaging

Authentic Brand Messaging Delivers Meaningful Connections

There have been about 2,000 movies made that tell a story of World War II, and not one of the filmmakers set out thinking about authentic brand messaging. Strangely, that’s exactly what most of them achieved.

To this day, WWII remains one of the most featured subjects in all of cinema. But really, what is 2,000 on the scale of the hundreds of millions of lives who witnessed those events? The truth is with that many perspectives, we —as storytellers— will never create a single retelling of one of the most seismic events in human history.

And yet, some films have grasped the magnitude of those events through a single story, because those stories connected with our deepest emotions. Any story, no matter the medium, can only achieve that when it stakes an honest and authentic perspective to deliver its message.

When your brand speaks to your audience, it’s no different. There’s a lot of noise being made today by marketers with the sole intent of grabbing your attention. And they’ll say or do just about anything to get it. But to make noise just to be seen and heard completely devalues the merits of honest customer engagement.

In a recent study, less than 1 percent of responders said they could be influenced to buy a service or product by an advertisement. Because an advertisement alone is not enough to move people or earn their trust. Authentic brand messaging is what moves people to action.

Every time you engage with a person, whether it be through social media, your website, or even through your logo, authenticity about who you are and what your business strives to do should drive those interactions — this exact sentiment was shared by 91 percent of people who shared their opinions on the proper relationship between brand and customer. Additionally, it’s shown that honesty about everything from the company mission statement to the product features is the most fundamental expectation from customers.

Authentic brand messaging will drive audience connections

But authenticity is more than candid speak. How you communicate matters. There are about 80,000 words in the English lexicon, which theoretically means every story ever told (in English) has that many ways to draw in the listener. The only way to be sure you’re telling your story the right way, every time, is to keep it grounded in the humanity that moves your business. Articulate your motivations behind your work, demonstrate a value beyond price, and remain authentic to your brand value. After enough time has passed, you’ll not only find consistency in your messaging, but in the sustainability of your customer base.

If there’s one characteristic that will always forge meaningful connections with human beings, it’s honesty and commitment to relationships grounded in a genuine exchange of respect.