Agency Culture

Agency Culture and its Value to Clients

The other day we sat down and started talking about what to do for our annual summer trip. You know, that trip that teams like ours do to bond, have some fun and build our agency culture? Two things came up as we started to talk about our next outing:

  1. We forgot to share the video of the trip we took last year!
  2. The experience we had as a team has wide spread value, internally and externally.

Stoltz Agency Culture – how we have fun

I mention this because last summer’s rafting trip on the Salmon River really isn’t just emblematic of who we are, it also aligns with our agency’s creed: do great work, demand excellence, have fun, leave the world a better place. To do this, you need people who care about one another and are passionate about what they do. It’s easy to claim that the people you work and play with are family, but moments like this truly cement it.

Stoltz Agency Culture – why it matters

Sometimes we’re so busy having fun we forget to share stuff like this video, which is exactly why it is only now being released. If you watched it you saw what could easily be confused with a group of friends just having a good time. And that’s true, but the other side to this is we’re all rowing together, physically and proverbially, just like a high-performance marketing agency should.

The passion and camaraderie you see in this Stoltz video is what drives the creative and strategic thinking we provide each of our client partners. Study after study has shown that positive corporate/agency culture produces not only happy employees, it also creates strong companies and better work. Case in point, Glassdoor’s economic research team report that there’s a causal link between employee satisfaction and company performance.

How and why does this matter to you?

Simple: Hiring a team that plays well together will more than likely deliver a team that enthusiastically works well together, and with you. Sure, there are a lot of other factors to weigh when you’re considering what agency to work with, but I leave you with this – if your advertising agency team can have fun rowing together, there’s a good chance they’ll put great ideas in your hands, and a smile on your face!