June 2017
personal brand
The other day a colleague of mine made the following statement: “Do I need to use LinkedIn, I’m not a huge fan.” Wow, just wow. How could it be that this smart marketer sees LinkedIn as unimportant in his/her life? How is it that this clever human doesn’t see the importance of their personal brand?...
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Agency Culture
The other day we sat down and started talking about what to do for our annual summer trip. You know, that trip that teams like ours do to bond, have some fun and build our agency culture? Two things came up as we started to talk about our next outing: We forgot to share the...
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The design beast
The marketing design industry is a strange and savage beast and it’s hard to know whence it will strike next. As designers, we, in particular, go into projects knowing full well the design beast can turn on us at any moment, slashing us to ribbons. So, what makes design so beastly? Simply put, it’s the...
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Authentic Brand Messaging
There have been about 2,000 movies made that tell a story of World War II, and not one of the filmmakers set out thinking about authentic brand messaging. Strangely, that’s exactly what most of them achieved. To this day, WWII remains one of the most featured subjects in all of cinema. But really, what is...
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Graphic Design Idea
As a graphic designer, I am a sucker for great typography, elegant layouts, stunning photography and unique illustration. I geek-out over paper textures, cool motion graphics, and hand-lettered signage. I appreciate good aesthetics as much as the next designer. But what makes a graphic design effective? The idea behind it. When you combine the visually...
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PR and Content Burger
Mad Men’s Heinz Ads by Don Draper Become a Reality I admit it, ever since my first Public Relations class 20+ years ago, I’ve found the PR stunt enamoring. We read case study examples about smart brands that left us with dreams of what we would do to leave our mark in PR. I learned...
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