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When Local Advertisers Hit the Road

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Stoltz Marketing Group

Friday, June 18, 2010

In case you forgot, we are located in Boise, Idaho, a good five-hour drive from the nearest major metropolitan area. It’s a small playground with no shortage of agency talent and plenty of competition for local clients.

Agency talent? you ask. In Boise, Idaho? Well in the last few years Boise agencies have earned multiple best of show honors in the Northwest ADDY® competition, as well as national ADDY® awards, competing against more than 60,000 entries from all over the country. This year, SMG was fortunate enough to receive both of these honors.

Granted, awards are a crude measure of anything in this business. But when you look at the names of legendary international agencies on the same list of winners, it says something about the level of work being done in this town. Take a look at the portfolios of leading firms in Boise. There are some amazing people here whose work—often produced on a shoestring—stands up in any major market.

Yet again and again, local firms are overlooked by the largest potential clients in our community.

Recently a large local advertiser took its business out of state to an agency 1000 miles away, a “specialist” in their industry—evidently without inviting local agencies to pitch. The specialist will likely spend the next several months trying to understand the history and attitudes of this area from a seat in coach class, at great additional expense to the client.

It’s unfortunate – for our industry and our local economy. While this specialist may position themselves based on what they’ve done for others in a given segment, they can’t elaborate on why it’s important to this area.

As local agencies, we can. Our knowledge of the market and the audience, and ability to feel the “pulse” of the community is what sets local shops like ours apart from the cookie-cutter specialists from out of state.

It also helps us do the caliber of work that gets recognized at the regional and national level. But most importantly, it allows us to do the work that our clients--and their customers--love.

So Mr. or Mrs. Big Client, please, think Boise first.