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Case Study: Lucky Bums

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Stoltz Marketing Group

Monday, March 22, 2010

A manufacturer of kid’s outdoor gear, Lucky Bums struggled with its online sales before coming to SMG. After researching the company and its customers, SMG designed a new corporate identity for Lucky Bums then recreated their web site from the ground up. As with virtually all SMG sites, the new site gave Lucky Bums personnel the ability to manage the site themselves. The new site scored a 400% sales increase in its first Christmas season. In fact, the company sold more online in the last two months of 2009 than the 12 preceding months combined. Update: In 2010, Lucky Bums sales increased by 170% over 2009. SMG continues to design the company's packaging and printed materials.

Lucky Bums Website
Lucky Bums website

Lucky Bums Logo
Lucky Bums logo

Lucky Bums Catalog
Lucky Bums catalog

Lucky Bums Sled Packaging
Lucky Bums sled packaging

Lucky Bums Ski Packaging
Lucky Bums ski packaging

Lucky Bums Snowboard Packaging
Lucky Bums snowboard packaging

Lucky Bums Toboggan Packaging
Lucky Bums toboggan packaging

Lucky Bums Sled
Lucky Bums sled