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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Have you pegged your jeans lately or purchased appliances that are avocado green? We didn't think so (unless growing that mullet was a part of your Halloween costume). One of the most important aspects of being an art director is staying up-to-date on the latest design trends and technology beyond our local market. Thanks to the world wide web, it is easy to keep up with an industry that changes more on a daily basis than my 3-year-old daughter's choice in outfits. Typography, color choice, printing techniques, photo style, website usability, fashion, packaging, art and architecture are just a few of the hundreds of influencers that affect our day-to-day decisions in both print and interactive design. It is our job to recommend design that best portrays our clients' brands in a fresh yet appropriate style. Does this mean that Detroit Renewable Energy needs a hot pink background on its website? Not necessarily. But a continuing education on "what's hot and what's not" is key to visually communicating a brand experience, while balancing the golden rule that good design always spans the test of time. Blogs are a wonderful resource for perusing design inspiration. Here are the top five blogs followed by art directors at SMG.

  1. Design Work Life
  2. For Print Only
  3. The Cool Hunter
  4. Graphic Exchange
  5. Swiss Miss
    Honorable mentions:
  6. Design Shack
  7. Oh So Beautiful Paper
  8. What Katie Ate
  9. Communication Arts Webpick of the Day
  10. The Dieline