Integrated Marketing Stew

The Best Integrated Marketing Stew Recipe, Don’t Forget the PR

Isn’t it funny how a bunch of seemingly unrelated things will come up in the span of a few days and somehow miraculously blend into something incredible? Sort of like when you have carrots, beef and potatoes and they become a mouthwatering stew. Over the past week, a few things came up that have me thinking about what makes the best integrated marketing campaigns and yes, stew. 

The process went something like this:

  1. My Facebook timeline reminded me of a “memory,” an article I published in Social Media Today in 2014 where I tackled what exactly is a PR job today (err, in 2014).
  2. Last week, I read an article about the many hats a PR person wears on PR Week, and liked it so much I included it in our weekly wrap-up.
  3. A few days later, I was asked to speak with a group of students at a local university about PR, how things have changed, and how it will impact their career.
  4. My wife and I made stew last Sunday night.

Those four things reignited my interest and belief that now, more than ever, marketing disciplines need to integrate into one big, well, stew. After all, a bowl full of carrots, next to a bowl of onions, next to another with filled with beef doesn’t sound all that exciting. But together, yum.

Marketing is the same way. PR, living on its own is rarely successful. The same goes for social media, advertising, email, etc.

But, if you mix them all together, align the ingredients towards one common goal (great marketing), you’re much more likely to succeed. So, if you’re making a marketing stew, don’t forget all the important ingredients.

Recipe for the best integrated marketing stew:

  • 1 cup strategy
  • 1 cup goals
  • A pinch of luck, vision and talent
  • 2 cups creativity
  • 2 cups brand alignment
  • 1 cup research
  • 2 Cups of each the following:
    • PR
    • Advertising
    • Design
    • Content Marketing
    • Email
    • Social Media
    • Marketing Automation
  • 4 Cups ROI measurement


In a small conference room gather the key stakeholders with the specific task of deciding your campaign goals and strategy. Add a pinch of luck, a smidge of vision and a heaping tablespoon of talent. Stir until smooth.

Add the creativity and stir some more. While stirring, slowly add in a brand alignment check. Make sure to add slowly, not all at once so you don’t water down the creativity. 

Let the prepared combination of ingredients sit, and spend a few minutes researching what you’ve developed. Does it fit the brand, will it meet the goals, do you have the budget, and is the team ready to take on all of the different tasks?

Add in chopped and prepared PR, advertising, design, content marketing, email, social media and marketing automation, cook for however long it takes to do it right (cook times can vary depending on the size of your stew/campaign).

Serve to the world and don’t forget to circle back to measure the results against your goals!

Ok, so, yes, I admit I have oversimplified the recipe.

In truth, every ingredient in the marketing stew is incredibly important, and if you leave it out, the result simply won’t be the same. That said, every campaign is a little different and every ingredient may not be important to your unique campaign. You may require different ingredients – and different quantities of those ingredients.

As you approach an integrated marketing campaign, have a look at the list of ingredients above and determine which ones match your needs. Once you decide on your ingredients, do your best to attack them all with vigor. Think about what each individual ingredient adds to the final product, and determine how well it all ties back to the overarching goals and strategy.

So, how’d your integrated marketing stew work out? Were you asked for a second helping, that’s always a good sign!